Novel technologies
in seawater desalination plants to extract minerals and metals from seawater brines

Sea4Value brings together 16 partners from Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Netherlands, Finland and Switzerland to develop and upscale technologies to sustainably mine raw materials from brines.

10 extracted minerals / metals

The main focus will be on separating, concentrating and crystallising Molybdenum, Magnesium, Scandium, Vanadium, Gallium, Boron, Indium, Lithium, Rubidium and Calcium.

10 technologies

Sea4Value will develop radical innovative technologies for pre-treatment, concentration, extraction, purification and crystallisation:


Nanofiltration membranes for monovalent and multivalent ions separation


Calcium precipitation


Advanced membrane crystallisation


Advanced multi-effect distillation

Selective Recovery

Ion-selective polymer inclusion membranes (PIM)

Selective Recovery

Electrodialysis with bipolar membranes (EDBP)

Selective Recovery

3D-printed adsorption modules

Selective Recovery

Ionic liquid solvent extraction

Selective Recovery

Binary extractant solvent extraction

Selective Recovery

Synergic solvent extraction combined with Solvometallurgy

Selective Recovery

Non-Dispersive solvent extraction (NDSX)

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Did you know that we have a playlist featuring our scientists and specialists? Check out all the videos! 👉

We aim to create a multi-mineral and modular process. @Eurecat_news is involved in the development of various technologies such as ion-selective PIMs to recover gallium or liquid rubidium or ionic-liquid solvent extraction to recover indium🌊

Exciting project progress! The ELS (Electrolytic System) pilot unit has been installed at the Wastewater Treament Plant in Gandia 🇪🇸! The pilot plant turns waste into a resource by using brines and metal waste to create sustainable coagulants for treatment of wastewater in-situ.

The Raw Materials Summit is coming to Brussels! Join us on 15-17 May to connect with over 800 leading voices of the raw materials sector working towards a net-zero future of Europe.

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Only until 13 February.

How will the future of desalination plants be? Our next member is Sandra Meca, Head of Waster and Circular Economy Line at @Eurecat_news . Sandra points out that one of the objectives of is to contribute to the transformation of desalination plants into mines of the future.

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Calcium extraction method

Calcium precipitation

Selective Recovery

Rubidium extraction method

Molybdenum extraction methods

Lithium extraction methods

Indium extraction methods

Boron extraction methods

Gallium extraction method

Vanadium extraction methods

Scandium extraction method