New video about Corrosion Resistant Evaporators

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We are excited to announce the release of a new video titled “Corrosion Resistant Evaporation of Salty Water”. In this video, Dr.-Ing Heike Glade and her team from the Evaporation Technology and Seawater Desalination group at the University of Bremen present their innovative evaporator. Developed during the project, this evaporator offers significant advantadges over conventional steel evaporators, featuring composite tubes and tube plates made of polymer-based materials. This video details the steps taken to develop this cutting-edge technology from brine concentration and its potential applications. 


Calcium extraction method

Calcium precipitation

Selective Recovery

Rubidium extraction method

Molybdenum extraction methods

Lithium extraction methods

Indium extraction methods

Boron extraction methods

Gallium extraction method

Vanadium extraction methods

Scandium extraction method